Summary for folder BARGE:

When ETH Cargo received the call that a chartered vessel from Houston to Morocco with parts for an Oil and Gas company, broke down off the coast of Puerto Rico and cargo needed to be offloaded, ETH sprang into action. The vessel arrived during the early evening hours into San Juan with few hours to spare as the next day a chartered 747 Freighter would be airlifting the cargo. ETH obtained all necessary permits, equipment and personnel to work through the night offloading loose crates and containers to get the cargo to the airport in time for the charter and on time to Morocco.

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Summary for folder VESTAS:

ETH Cargo handled the entire logistics project for the Punta Lima Wind Turbine Farm. A total of 13 wind turbine generators would be placed. ETH Cargo was fully involved and dedicated in the offloading of two vessels with all three tower sections, nacelles, hubs and blades. Some of the components, nacelles weighing over 60 tons and blades measuring 40 meters long proved to be a challenge. However, with the expertise, ETH Cargo was able to contract the necessary equipment for the offloading and delivery; some of the equipment not even available in Puerto Rico. All cargo was stored at a designated staging area at the port until pieces were ready to be received as requested by the customer. A dedicated team worked 6 days a week, sometimes into the night for over 4 months to closely monitor the arrival and offloading of all pieces. In the end, all 13 Wind Turbine Generators were successfully delivered, offloaded and installed with little delay.

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Summary for folder Pfizer:

When ETH Cargo was asked to assist in the receiving and storage of machinery from a pharmaceutical company being dismantled, it was nothing that was out of the ordinary. ETH Cargo surveyed the machinery, from the Pharmaceutical plant, much of which was oversize, to decide the type of equipment necessary. It was also imperative that an area be found where all 44 pieces of machinery could be stored away from the elements until the dismantling was completed and the chartered vessel would arrive for its journey to India. When the dismantling began, ETH Cargo had the necessary equipment in place to receive the cargo, transport it to a secure area and offload it for storage. Needless to say, the entire operation went as planned, transporting the machinery from the site to the warehouse, having personnel at both ends to monitor the loading and offloading. When the chartered vessel arrived, ETH Cargo also coordinated the movement of the cargo from the warehouse to alongside the chartered vessel. In the end, it was another satisfied customer for ETH Cargo.

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